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For 50 years, our success has been based on simple ingredients: using top-quality materials, the best installation methods and techniques and, above all, a team of dedicated, experienced men and women who care about your well-being and satisfaction, and who are always supported by a rigorous OHS policy that ensures their complete safety.

Success 50 years
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Our personalised approach

From the initial estimate to the final report, we are committed to transparency and your understanding is important to us. This is why, thanks to our experienced production team, Toitures Hogue is committed to providing you with all the information that will allow you to have an overview of your project and its evolution. To do this, the team analyzes all the conditions of your building, the slopes in place, the structure of the deck, the type of insulation as well as its function in order to make a proposal that will allow us to respond effectively and as precisely as possible to all your needs. At Toitures Hogue, the validation stage is essential and always leads to a personalized solution.

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Commercial re-roofing and repairs

When your roof shows signs of aging or is damaged, it’s time to call on experts who can advise you on the best choices for repairing or re-roofing.

By conducting a thorough inspection, our specialists identify the most appropriate strategy, system and materials, evaluate the costs of repairing, re-roofing or replacing your roof. A project team is then put in place to ensure you are well supported throughout the work.

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Service - Réfection et réparation
Entretien Préventif

Preventive maintenance

We can’t say it enough: every year your roof suffers from the harshness of our climate. Rain, snow, ice, frost and strong winds are all elements that put your buildings to the test.

This is why Toitures Hogue’s range of services includes a complete preventive maintenance department. By performing regular inspections, thermographic techniques at strategic locations, cleaning and minor repairs when necessary, our specialists can then map your roof using the TopöH tool, monitor risk areas, perform dynamic tracking and follow up on the evolution of your roof.

With this preventive approach, you can be sure to avoid unpleasant surprises, maximize your investments and optimize the longevity of your roof.

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Asset management

Considering that problems related to roofing are not always visible as soon as they appear, any owner or building manager is sure to want to know the condition of their property.

To help you be even more efficient in the management of your roofs, Toitures Hogue has developed a powerful tool, TopöH, allowing you to:

  • centralize all the information on your roofs for all your buildings;
  • draw up a simple map of the condition of your roofs;
  • identify all the faults in your roofs;
  • specify the costs of the repairs or re-roofing inspected;
  • prioritise required repairs or re-roofs according to their level of urgency;
  • compile and display the history of interventions for all buildings.

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In the event of a disaster due to water infiltration, fire or high winds, it is imperative to act in order to limit the damage that could affect your building. Thanks to its emergency teams operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Toitures Hogue can intervene quickly on your roof and thus protect your assets.

Please note that all our service calls include:

  • taking before and after photos;
  • explanatory reports sent to the client within 48 hours;
  • repair recommendations in the form of a service offer within 72 hours;
  • possibility to provide all information via the customer management program.

To be able to act quickly, Toitures Hogue Services has more than 10 emergency intervention units at your disposal, which are on standby to help you at all times.

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Snow and ice removal

Your roof is designed to carry a certain amount of snow. However, if this weight is excessive, damage to the roof and building structure may occur. Toitures Hogue’s team can advise you and then, with experienced roofers, carry out the snow removal of your roof in a safe and efficient manner so as not to damage it or compromise its waterproofing.

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Roof additions

Whether it’s a skylight, access hatch, drains, or a heating and air conditioning unit, any addition to your roof requires the expertise of Hogue’s experienced roofers to ensure that the openings are watertight and that everything is done by the book.

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Toitures Hogue’s tinsmith shop

In addition to its extensive expertise in the construction, repair and maintenance of commercial and industrial roofs, Toitures Hogue can count on its own tinsmith shop, which allows it to produce custom-made parts to meet the specific needs of its customers. This team of 4 talented and experienced tinsmiths is always ready to put the finishing touches on your project!

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Types of roofs

Whatever roofing system best suits your needs, we have the expertise to serve you and meet your expectations. Want to evaluate your options? Our experts can guide you in choosing the roofing system that best meets your criteria and budget.

  • Multi-ply roofing
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • EPDM membrane
  • TPO membrane
  • PVC membrane
  • Hydrotech membrane
  • Metal and traditional roofs
  • Green roofing

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