Toitures Hogue now certified ISO 45001

On April 6, Toitures Hogue became the first Canadian roofer to receive ISO 45001 health and safety accreditation.

In order to meet the criteria necessary to obtain this certification, we had to demonstrate a health and safety (H&ST) system based on continuous improvement, worker awareness and participation as well as management leadership.

Our company has also demonstrated its legal compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to both construction sites and administrative premises.

To effectively support our teams and meet the established criteria, we are proud to count on the presence of a health and safety preventionist. The latter carries out, among other things, diligent site inspections, in order to ensure, in collaboration with the team on site, that the most demanding safety procedures are implemented. He carries out the daily inspection of individual and collective safety equipment, and remains on the lookout for the latest developments in health and safety, in addition to transmitting, in real time, all recent advances in this field to the entire team.

This new accreditation is part of our desire to take care of our world and now qualifies our sites among the safest in the industry.